The Cryptographer's Codex

An opinonated introduction and general resource for those interested in cryptography


Not sure if cryptography is your thing?Start with the introductory beginner series of challenges, they're a short series of 4 challenges that go from nothing to solving some real cryptography challenges
Wanting to learn more about cryptography?Work on cryptopals and follow the companion guide!
Done both and looking for more?Take a look at cryptohack for more challenges that cover additional topics like elliptical curves
Want more low level systems-like cryptography?Take a look at Block Breakers for a guided series on attacking block ciphers themselves
Prefer lecture style lessons instead of getting hands on with challenges?RPISEC has a bunch of streamed lectures covering a number of cryptography concepts. (If anyone has any textbook recommendations feel free to open a PR on the repo)
Interested in building out your cryptography toolkit?Check out some of the assorted guides
Want to test your skills against a set of beginner/intermediate challenges?Try out picoCTF, an excellent beginner CTF put on by CMU
Already built up a foundation with cryptohack/cryptopals?Dive straight into CTFs! Check out ctftime to get a list of upcoming events




The Cryptographer's Codex is primarily consisted of challenges and documents written up by Arctic of Maple Bacon

The codex was an idea that I had when we (Maple Bacon) first hosted our beginner CTF for UBC students, SaplingCTF. The name was catchy so it stuck around and over time I built up more and more stuff that I had written up for various things so I thought I should just collect them together under site.

The end goal with the site is to have a place for us cryptographers to point interested CTF players towards, with a curated set of challenges, guides, and setup resources.


If you have a guide/resource that you would like to see added to the page, feel free to open a PR on the github repo and ping @rctcwyvrn